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Six types of people who will benefit from owning a UV-C Sanitizer

The world is still reeling from the effects of COVID-19. Recently, there has been an emphasis on the importance of proper hygiene. Handwashing with soap and disinfecting surfaces are some of the ways to keep our environment sterile. While UV- light is often associated with sun-burns and damaging the ozone layer, they are also instrumental when it comes to killing germs. Studies have shown that Ultra-Violet rays are more effective than soap. UV-C Sanitizers harness these sterilizing properties to help you disinfect everything around you. Here are some of the people who could benefit from this technology.

Medical Frontliners

The use of UV rays in medicine goes back to 1965 when its germicidal properties were first discovered. Experts found that shorter wavelengths (240nm-280nm) of ultra-violet are capable of killing pathogens. Although such wavelengths are harmful to your skin, they can be used in sterilization. As a standard practice, all medical equipment that comes into contact with body tissues and fluid must be sterilized to prevent disease transmission.

The benefits of a UV-c sanitizer to the medical profession are numerous. For one, the use of UV-C radiation does not come with the limitations of traditional methods. For example, the use of liquid chemicals and acids take too long and may degrade plastics. UV-C light can effectively disinfect plastics, metallic and ceramic medical equipment. Additionally, UV-C sanitizers consume less energy and reduce cycle time. In addition to that, UV-C light sanitizers have no toxic residual effect like other forms of sterilization associated with chemical sterilizations.


Germphobia refers to the obsessive fear of germs. What most people don't understand is this is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The individual is usually helpless against and will main strict hygiene levels. Germophobes struggle to maintain a social life out of fear of infection. The UV-C sanitizer can help break some of these boundaries. This device might reduce some of the time spent cleaning and re-cleaning personal items.

Compulsive cleaning is usually a way to relieve anxiety. The condition may also make it impossible for such people to work with others in the workplace. A SanniBox is portable and can be brought to work to store personal items such as car keys, phones, earphones, and even stationery. The SanniBox Pro is the largest of the three sizes and can fit in most household items.

Parents with Children

As a parent, you have to step your hygiene levels to keep germs at bay. Children have weaker immune systems than adults. Thus, protecting the little ones from germs is a full-time job. As they get older, their immunity improves. Children are curious and like to play. Everything is a toy to them. While cleaning countertops and disinfecting floors are commendable, there are some things you just can't wash. Using wet wipes is the next best thing. However, they may not be the best option for specific items, such as pacifiers. Most of their toys end up in their mouths. This is where the UV-C sanitizer comes in.

You can sanitize all their toys and anything else they might lay their hands. Your phone should be among the first things in that Sannibox. Everything else from the TV remotes to keys should also be sanitized. You can't take any chances with young children.

Teachers & Students

Teachers assume all parental duties while the children are in school. Schools can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A good indication is how quickly flu spreads among students. On average, a child is sent home due to a cold six times a year. Some of the dirtiest parts of a school include locker rooms, pools, and computer labs. Washing hands is one of the most commonly used germ control methods on school grounds. It is a beneficial and straightforward method. Unfortunately, those clean hands still get contaminated by the shared school supplies. Pencils, crayons, and shared electronics undo all the gains made through hand washing. Schools can benefit from having UV-C sanitizers. Instead of living the shared supplies in the open, they can be stored in the larger Sanniboxes. Teachers can also get their own smaller sanitizers for personal stationery. When used alongside other hygiene practices, UV-C sanitizers can eliminate germs in the classroom setting. Fewer germs mean teachers have more time to focus on passing knowledge. Lower infections also mean parents don't have to leave work to take their sick kids home.

Sports Athletes

Taking part in active sports gets the heart pumping. It is a great way to stay in shape or connect with friends. However, to truly enjoy games, you must be willing to get your hands dirty. This applies to all mainstream sports such as basketball, soccer, football, or baseball. The ball passes from one sweaty palm to another and from the dirty surface to hands. Germs spread quickly in such situations. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that thrives under these conditions.

A study by the National Environmental Health Association found that MRSA bacteria can survive on a ball for up to 12 days. Such outbreaks within a team can have substantial financial implications, especially when games have to cancelled or forfeited. The best solution to this is disinfecting balls before use. UV-C sanitizers can be used to sterilize the balls before every game and during intermissions. Using Sanniboxes in conjunction with antimicrobial sprays could be the key to eliminating germs in sports.


Recent events have taught us the importance of hygiene. Everyone has to play their part, or else it doesn't work. We should all enjoy the benefits of a UV-C sanitizer. Let's take your phone, for example. Did you know that it harbors ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat? This makes it the filthiest thing you own, and yet you touch it all the time (sometimes while eating). Since everybody has a phone, you can imagine how much germs get transferred daily. And, this is just from your phone alone. Factor in other infested items such as keys, chargers, and earphones. Invest in a SanniBox and eliminate germs from your life.

Why UV-C Light Sanitizers

UV-C light eliminates germs and bacteria by targeting and destroying the DNA of the micro-organism. Sanniboxes utilize this technology to sterilize your phones, keys, and other everyday household items. Other benefits of a UV-C Sanitizers include non-contact cleaning. It is a useful feature when you are sanitizing delicate items such as your phone screen. This ensures the phone is sanitized without scratching or damaging the phone due to liquid slippage. SanniBoxes are available in three different sizes to accommodate all your needs. The smallest one is large enough to fit all phone sizes.

However, if you are looking for slightly more space, then the SanniBox Pro is the answer. It has enough room to sanitize a phone, your smartwatch, and earphones at the same time. For even more space, consider the Sannibox Max. It provides enough room for sanitizing as many items as you fit in there in one go. All SanniBoxes come with two charging options. You can either charge the devices using type C cable chargers or with AA batteries. Finally, for those who are concerned about exposure to UV- radiation, all Sannify products are FCC and CE certified. The casing is durable and completely sealed.

Hopefully, this article sheds some light on how UV-C light sanitizers work. It would be a great addition to your arsenal of disinfectants. Its re-usability makes it cheaper in the long-run. Protect yourself and your family, keep sanitizing.

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