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SanniBox Max

SanniBox Max

SanniBox Max

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Our most advanced SanniBox, the SanniBox Max sanitizes objects through 5 UV-C LED Lights (3 located under the lid & 2 near the base). The SanniBox Max eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria and germs found on your belongings, all without the use of liquids, heat or chemicals.

360° sanitization coverage
The SanniBox Max sends UV-C light rays without any dead angles, thoroughly sanitizing all your belongings, leaving no crevasse untouched. Its interior is rounded and coated with a Vacuum-Plated Aluminium inner shell for full UV-C light reflectivity.

Sanitize all your belongings at once
Save time by sanitizing all of your belongings at once! Great for larger groups and families who wish to sanitize multiple items at one go.

3 modes, 1 button
SanniBox Max operates in 3 modes. Quick mode (5mins), Potent mode (10mins) and Intermittent mode (25 mins sanitize, 5 mins rest, over a 24 hour period - cancel anytime)

Quick mode: Flat items (Smartphones, Credit Cards, etc.)
Potent mode: Items with some edges (Masks, Table wear, Toys, etc.)
Intermittent mode: Items with hard to reach areas and crevasses (Multi-Ply Masks, Remote Controls, Lego Bricks, etc.)

Flexible power modes
The SanniBox Max comes in 2 power modes. Connect it using Type-C charging cable while you are home, or use AA Batteries to power it on the go.

Save money

Ever wondered how much you spent on disposable wipes and disinfectants? That amount may shock you!

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices

UV-C Wavelength: 253.7nm (5 UV-C LED Lights)
Input power: 5V2A or 4AA batteries
Transmitting power: 5W
Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel + Silicone
Interior Size: 7*6.7*6.9in (l*w*h)
Exterior Size: 8.66*8.66*9.25in (l*w*h)

Capacity: 2.5L
Weight: 2.6 pounds

CE Certified
FCC Certified

Package Includes:
Instruction Manual
USB-C Cable
USB-C Adapter

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Sannify products are practical & value for money.

Richart Smith, Software Engineer

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Maria Hernandez, Medical Frontliner

Sannify helped me keep my entire family safe from harmful bacterias & germs.

Mary Martinez, Home Maker
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